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5AM “Pre Zz” LP Records

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※コーヒー豆の同梱ができません! 先行発売されたカセットは即完売! 朝を迎えるフロアから飛び出して、午前5時にベッドで聴く音楽。 待望のLPが入荷です! * 11 song LP album * Special liner sheet with lyrics and thoughts 5AM is a band, and a group effort by long time adulthood friends 5ive, Andry and Moko. 5ive is known for his ongoing contribution for music-duo Cos/Mes and other various projects, Andry is a multidisciplinary designer and Moko works as DJ and producer under her project Powder. After a long period of hanging out and sharing music to each, the band 5AM was naturally found in 2019, and soon made a small debut. 5AM plays about time, sings about observation and thinks about texture, atmosphere, and listening-space and random other stuff. Caring of subtle things for the big picture. Pre Zz is the first album by 5AM, recorded through 2020 and 2021, packaged day to day remixed feelings about that time, but not necessary just about that time. The album captures the moment of changes — Pre something — as like before a sleep after a long stay up Zz.

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